Delivering More Than Results

Aaron Brett

Aaron Brett employs a clear-cut trading strategy that represents the foundation of the investment services that we offer.

This strategy creates a solid yet adaptive structure for our trading specialists to work in collaboration, offering them the possibility to share ideas and challenge each other’s opinions.

Our trading strategy is evolving at a steady pace and we continue to improve the resources needed to maintain and develop its efficiency.

Your personal adviser leverages the data resulted from the decisions of the tactical asset allocation committee, ranging from investment selection to preferred asset categories, and corporate governance. Aaron Brett’s team of trading specialists convene on a regular basis review the investment landscape and discuss the various opportunities and risks that they have uncovered.

Personal advisers take part in the trading strategy formulation process; from reviewing a company’s historic performance and future development plans to a thorough analysis of external research and investment themes. The strategy formulation process is vital to making informed decisions; however your individual goals remain our primary focus.

Given our mission to ensure your financial success, Aaron Brett typically invests in companies that display high standards in terms of corporate governance due to the fact that they prioritize shareholder interests. We carefully select the companies that we invest in by overseeing their business practices, policies and board decisions.

Even though our personal advisers and trading specialists enjoy a comfortable level of adaptability and discretion to work on your behalf, it is fundamental to have a formal supervisory infrastructure in order to support the general investment process.

This ensures that all portfolios are being managed at the same level of quality while having the flexibility to adapt to shifting market conditions and regulatory changes, promoting best practice and monitoring all the stages of the process from portfolio design all the way to implementation.

This structure, bolstered by risk safeguards, due diligence and periodic reviews, ensures that your investment portfolio will remain on track with your financial goals.