Delivering More Than Results

Aaron Brett

The Global Markets Research team is Aaron Brett’s in-house think tank founded in early 2012, with the goal of observing long term developments that have the potential to greatly impact the international markets and economy.

Aaron Brett achieves results by leveraging the intellectual capital of our research specialists, in a process that involves the additional extensive knowledge of our strategists and analysts. By harnessing the available knowledge and expertise of our professionals your personal adviser can then design and manage your investment portfolio.

The backbone of the Global Markets Research team is represented by our talented and skilled professionals, specialized in separate asset categories research fields as well as asset allocation. By combining their knowledge with attentive market observation and independent research on strategy efficiency, our team makes sure that you benefit from the most thoroughly analyzed information.

Supporting the endeavors of the Global Markets Research team are independent research groups that work in association with Aaron Brett. As trusted advisers they keep us updated with the latest developments in their area of research which in turn improves our investment process as a whole. Their views and opinions are an integral part of our strategic asset allocation decision process.

With such a wealth of resources at our disposal coupled with the in-depth industry and market knowledge of our research specialists, Aaron Brett maintains a firm focus on long term research and stays informed ahead of many of our peers in the investment environment.