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Aaron Brett

Aaron Brett believes that, given the current level of the international equity markets, outperformance does not come easily, with separate approaches complementing separate regions, economic sectors.

Due to the current state of these markets Aaron Brett considers that it is our obligation to provide our investors with an extensive spectrum of strategies. This in turn offers them the opportunity to choose those strategies that best compliment and reflect their requirements, beliefs and financial goals.

Aaron Brett manages a suite of quantitative equity strategies that include (or do not, according to personal preferences and beliefs) Socially Responsible Investment filters. Every strategy leverages a completely systematic approach to combat overwhelming information that can negatively impact our investors’ decision making process. We believe that the most consistent and pertinent information should be utilized to uncover investment opportunities in an objective and risk-adapted fashion.

Aaron Brett likewise manages a range of thematic international equity strategies that focus on specific market areas that we consider hold the potential for increased long-term development. Regions of thematic development can be identified in specific sectors that range from biotech to eco-friendly automobiles and novel pharmaceuticals.


Aaron Brett

Aaron Brett has comprehensive expertise in terms of bond and fixed income investing; this enables us to offer our investors solutions that are meant to exploit the inadequacies of the fixed income environment towards the benefit of our clients.

Over the years we have expanded our range of fixed income offerings, taking advantage of the fresh opportunities provided by the growth of the international bond markets.

Our team of fixed income specialists has an average of 12 years of experience within the industry. They are divided in three separate specialists groups focusing on emerging market debt, international bonds and global bonds, enabling each of them to cover their area of expertise and to benefit from working in close collaboration.

Aaron Brett is aware that sharing quality information is an essential part of the process and as such the team is supported by our dedicated researchers, traders and analysts in order to improve the risk-adapted returns of their portfolios.

Our team of fixed income specialists is comprised of individuals that are proven experts in their specific field, and thus are able to timely pinpoint and act upon the best opportunities provided by the bond markets.



Aaron Brett

Multi-asset investing is, in layman’s terms, obtaining the appropriate exposure to an internationally diversified array of asset categories and strategies, blending conventional securities such as stocks or fixed income instruments with alternatives such as commodities.

Fundamentally, multi-asset investing has two operational objectives, managing risks and generating profits, thus ensuring the potential for growth concurrent with downside protection in a risk-adjusted investment portfolio.

Specificity is a regular characteristic of multi-asset investing and can be a diversifying factor regardless of accurate allocation. As an example, multi-asset portfolios can hold growth equities, focused on producing increased returns or capital appreciation, all in accordance with the specific results that the investor is attempting to achieve.

Aaron Brett considers that such an investment strategy depends on three characteristics to support it:

  • Asset allocation that is focused on achieving the results that the investor aims for;
  • Superior exposure that includes a comprehensive set of assets, investment styles and high performing companies;
  • Active portfolio and risk management;

Asset Allocation

Aaron Brett

Over time the returns of various asset classes fluctuate greatly, and studies have proven that asset allocation choices generally produce the majority of an investment portfolio’s performance.

Aaron Brett’s solutions for asset allocation are founded on a basis of high confidence, opting for the right assets at the most opportune time and increased diversification.

We employ a series of strategies that have been tested over time and have been proven to deliver results, serving the interest and satisfying the financial requirements of our globally diversified range of private and institutional clients.

Finance Concept

ESG Investments

Aaron Brett

As a company with an international outlook, Aaron Brett believes in addressing the issue of how investment and individual decisions affect the world – thus making sure that the impact we make is positive and sustainable.

In the simplest terms, ESG investing (environmental, social and governance) means assessing the sustainability and practices of a company alongside the conventional contributors to the bottom line.

Aside from the long-term benefits that ESG investing can have on the environment and one’s portfolio, Aaron Brett considers that uniting financial goals with responsible values ideally reflects our commitment to our clients’ well-being.

Aaron Brett aligns its ESG approach with the Principles for Responsible Investment and has created its proprietary ESG Board, responsible for establishing objectives, evaluating performance, assessing the ethical nature of targeted companies’ practices, and advancing our expertise.