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Aaron Brett

Our approach to investments

Regardless of the manner of contact between yourself and Aaron Brett (either direct or through an adviser), the first step towards a fruitful business relationship is establishing your current financial situation and your current financial needs.

Having a direct line of communication with the professional that will be managing your capital and portfolio is a crucial part of the entire process.

First off, he will begin by comprehending your level of income and wealth, financial goals, targeted time span, lifestyle and other aspects that are relevant to determining your profile as an investor.

Once he has determined your investor profile and has a good grasp of your financial ambitions, he will suggest a strategy tailored to your individual specifications.

Once the proper strategy has been agreed upon, the following step is building your portfolio.

Portfolio Management

Given the volatile nature of the global financial markets, Aaron Brett employs active management when handling your portfolio in order to ensure its profitability and relevance.

Likewise your personal adviser will be responsible for accordingly adjusting your strategy and portfolio structure should the need to do so arise.

A balanced portfolio of blended assets is one of the most efficient methods of maintaining and improving your current financial situation over the long term.

The advantage of this type of approach is an increased exposure to an extensive range of opportunities while mitigating losses during periods of volatility.

Separate types of assets usually react in different ways to the underlying conditions of the global economy and international markets.

As an example, when the economy shows signs of strength and interests rates are increasing government bond returns also increase.

At the same time, shares, commodities and real estate have the tendency to drop in value if the economy shows signs of stagnation or weakness.

Asset category performance and the influence that assets have on one another can be influenced by an array of factors ranging from regulatory changes to monetary policies.

Constructing a portfolio that holds diversified assets and closely observing the investment landscape is an intricate process, and Aaron Brett has the right resources, experience and talent that guarantee its success.